Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“Agreement”) sets forth the details regarding the level of service and technical support that apply when your account is in good financial standing.

1. Downtime

A. For purposes of this Agreement, a Unit of Downtime is one period of at least four (4) hours during which access to your Web site is unavailable because of problems with hardware or system software. Downtime does not include (i) problems caused by factors outside of our reasonable control, (ii) problems resulting from any actions or inactions by you or any third party, (iii) problems resulting from your equipment and/or third party equipment not within our sole control, or (iv) network unavailability during scheduled maintenance of our network and/or Web servers.

B. In any calendar month, we guarantee that Downtime will not exceed one (1) Units of Downtime excluding, however, regularly scheduled maintenance. We work to ensure the functioning of all Web servers through continuous monitoring by our staff.

C. If Downtime exceeds one (1) Units of Downtime in any calendar month, we will, upon your written request, credit your account (a “Downtime Credit”) in an amount equal to the pro-rata price for one (1) day of service, for each instance of Downtime as that term is defined herein.

D. To receive Downtime Credit, you must request such credit by sending an e-mail message to within seven (7) days after the occurrence of Downtime. Downtime Credits will be applied upon issue of the first invoice following the request for Downtime Credit, unless the Downtime occurs in your final month of service. In such case, a refund for the dollar value of the Downtime Credit will be mailed to you within thirty (30) days of the expiration of your service Agreement.

2. Technical Support

A. A member of our technical support help desk staff will be available to assist you with problems and questions regarding the hosting services. We will supply telephone and/or e-mail support to you regarding the hosting services between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

B. You may contact our technical support help desk via e-mail at, or by telephone at 867-633-4144 or toll free 1-888-HOST-448. We may, from time to time, develop additional methods for you to contact the help desk, and will make information regarding such methods available at our Web site.

3. Web Hosting

Yukoninfo Webhosting will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that your web site is available online, twenty-four (24) hours following receipt of payment from you for services.

4. Maintenance Services

Yukoninfo Webhosting will provide system maintenance as long as this SLA has not been terminated or amended. Maintenance is performed at times which least impact Yukoninfo Webhosting’ customers based on minimal overall activity on the Yukoninfo Webhosting systems. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Yukoninfo Webhosting reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion, to perform any emergency work at any time.

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